SR Guidelines

The teams who have successfully registered are required to submit a system review package which includes the system review report and a video that supplements the content written in the report. The guidelines for the content are described below.

System Review Report

    The content of the report should include all the points in order as listed below:

  1. Cover page including name of the team, name of the team lead, name of the institution and rover name.

  2. Team structure and a description of role of each of the subsystems.

  3. A design overview of different systems of the rover; these should include initial design assumptions, technical specifications, engineering approach and systems for safety.

  4. Budget allocation and planning for each subsystem and sources of funds.

  5. A detailed timeline of the rover development process.

  6. Reasons that motivated the team to participate and work for IRC.

The file should be submitted in a pdf format . Maximum number of pages of the report should not exceed 11 (including the cover page) . Each of the above points should start with a fresh page.

The font should be Times New Roman. The size of the paper should be A4 (8.27inch x 11.69inch). The content should appear 1 3/8 inches from the top of the page. On all pages besides the title page, text should begin 1 inch from the top of the page. The bottom margin on all pages should be 1 1/8 inches. The title should appear in bold 14-point font, and should be centered. The font size for normal text should be 10-point. First-order headings should be 12-point and bold. Second order headings should be 11-point and bold. If necessary, any third-order headings should appear in bold 10-point font. The text alignment should be fully justified.

System Review Video

    The content of the video should be such that it supplements the content of the report and cover all of the following points:

  1. A brief about the team and its structure.

  2. Presentation of rover capabilities.

  3. Task wise demonstration of the features of rover.

  4. Testing plan.

The video should should not exceed a time limit of 5 minutes.The video should be in MP4 format and it must be uploaded on the drive, the link of which must be submitted along with the System Review Report. Please make sure that the link is accessible otherwise the video would not be evaluated. By uploading the video, the teams acknowledge that video might be used for promotional purposes.

The System Review must be submitted no later than 27th october 2018,11:59 pm IST.

15 teams will be selected for the on-field competition after being evaluated on the basis of the System Review package. This number is also subject to change depending upon the circumstances that may arise.