For any technical queries, please refer to the Technical FAQ list : IRC 2019 FAQs

Do we provide accommodation ?

Yes, limited hostel rooms will be provided on a first come first serve basis after the first week of December, 2019. After hostel rooms are full, the teams may book rooms in the various hotels in and around MIT, Manipal. We will be assisting you with the same.

Hostel Reservation Charges:

Double Attached Bath Non-AC : Rs.600/day
Single Attached Bath Non-AC : Rs.500/day
Double Attached Bath AC : Rs.1000/day
Single Attached Bath AC : Rs.700/day

Teams are required to send their confirmation as soon as possible to [email protected].

CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED as the University Policy does not permit us to accept the payment in cash.

What climatic conditions can be expected in Manipal ?

Manipal experiences a tropical climate in the month of January. The weather is hot and humid, with daily temperatures averaging 27 ℃ (81 ℉). The daily highs can exceed 33 ℃ as well.

What would be the recommended outdoor clothing ?

Carry a sunscreen (preferably SPF 50+) to prevent sunburn of any kind.

All the team members of their respective teams are advised to wear completely enclosing footwear. Long pants are also recommended

Hats and Sunglasses of a wide brim are also recommended since they are a good accessory to protect yourself from the scorching heat.

We also recommend you to use mosquito repellents. It can be easily purchased in the campus stores and the general stores nearby.

Lastly, drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Water facilities will be arranged for the teams at both, the test site and the competition site. Ensure that you carry a completely filled water bottle while you are testing the rover or while performing the tasks in the competition site.

What medical facilities will be available around the competition site ?

The competition site is home to multiple species of insects. We also advise you to keep a watchful eye and have a sense of awareness. Although, the encounters with the above are very rare, but they do occur. Teams are also informed that no pets are allowed at the competition site.

Kasturba Hospital is at a distance of 5 minutes away from the competition site. Ambulance services are available both in campus and out of campus in case of an emergency. Safety is our primary concern at IRC.

How to reach MIT ?

Nearest Airports Mangalore, Goa and Bengaluru Airports
Nearest Railway Station Udupi Railway Station
Nearest Bus Stop Tiger Circle, Manipal

Do we provide travel support?

For any travel queries you can mail us anytime at [email protected], or contact +91-9008354090

Is the SAR required to be submitted during registration ?

No, we have a separate deadline for SAR which is after registration.

Will there be any help provided with Visa procedures for international teams ?

Yes, we will write a letter to the concerned organisation for this. However, Indian guidelines are known for their swift, hassle-free procedures for immigrants. We don't think this will be a cause of any hindrance for the teams coming to the competition.

What is the preferred font for proposal and reports?

Headings: 16 (Arial)
Sub Headings: 14 (Arial)

You can also mail us at [email protected].